Clean fuel, clean conscience | Namibian Eco-logs

Namibian eco-logs are an incredible innovation, where alien vegetation, which poses a threat to the natural ecosystem in Namibia, is transformed into a clean-burning, 100% renewable firewood alternative. Letā€™s take a look at why eco-logs may be the game changer you have been looking forā€¦

What are eco-logs?

The idea behind eco-logs is all about repurposingā€¦ how can something that would have been disposed of anyway, be given a second life? And more importantly, how can something that is destructive, be turned into something constructive?

Namibia, like many other countries around the world, battles with alien vegetation. These plants not only encroach on and endanger local ecosystems, but they also reduce farming capacity and run the risk of lowering the national water supply, which is a constant struggle in Namibia already. Out-of-the-box thinking and a future mindset, have led to the invention of eco-logs, a holistic solution to a complex problem.

The logs are designed to be used for primarily heating, but can also be used for cooking. The combination of hardwood and softwood allows for quick ignition and a long burning time. While we are mainly discussing Namibian eco-logs, there are some manufacturers who use recycled sawdust and even grape seeds.

How are eco-logs made?

The process begins with clearing the encroaching bush species. Excavators are employed to do the job, which needs to be quite rigorous. The plants are thoroughly dried in the sun before being cut and chipped into wood chips, which are then ground into very fine dust. Finally, the sawdust is compressed and turned into the logs that we see.

Pro’s of using eco-logs in your indoor fireplace

Eco-logs offer several pros, which will benefit not only you as the consumer but also the community affected by the impacts of alien plants.

  1. Firstly, by using Namibian eco-logs, you are supporting programmes that invest in removing alien invasives that hinder farmer productivity and negatively impact the local water supply. Many people living near these bush encroached areas cannot afford to clear the vegetation themselves, so by contributing to these initiatives, you have a direct impact on the lives of others.
  2. Eco-logs are cheaper. Because eco-logs are made from plants that need to be removed, or from recycled sawdust which would otherwise have gone to waste, they are cheaper than other types of wood, ultimately making them a more cost-effective option in the long-term.
  3. Eco-logs burn cleaner. The drying and grinding process involved in producing eco-logs results in zero sap content in the finished product. This means that when the wood burns, it produces hardly any smoke.
  4. Eco-logs produce very little ash. Because you are burning compressed sawdust, the actual ash left behind is extremely minimal. This makes fireplace cleanup and maintenance a complete breeze!
  5. Eco-logs produce good heat. The design of these logs allows for a good amount of heat to be produced as well as retained.
  6. Quick ignition, slow burning. Eco-logs combine the best of both worlds with both soft and hard woods. Softwood is often used as a source of kindling, due to its quick ignition. This type of wood, however, does not burn for long periods of time, which is where hardwood comes in. Due to the low moisture content in hardwood, it maintains a flame for long periods of time. Together, this combination produces a log that allows for maximum cosy time!
  7. Eco-logs stack easily. The symmetrical shape of eco-logs allows for easy stacking when making a fire. No more stray logs of wood, toppling out of formation.

Namibian eco-logs are a creative technology that shows us that with a bit of innovation, anything can be reused, repurposed, and transformed into something great. Consider Namibian eco-logs for your next winter stock, and enjoy long-lasting heat, and easy cleanup!